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2017年 32卷 6 期 出版日期:2017-12-10
  • Hierarchical Co3O4 microstructures decorated with Ag and Cu oxide: the study of photocatalytic and electrochemical properties
  • Surface Nanocrystallization of C45E4 Steel by Ultrafast Electropulsing-ultrasonic Surface Treatment
    CHEN Long, WANG Haibo, YE Xiaoxin, LIU Dan, TANG Guoyi
  • Hot deformation behavior of AZ40 magnesium alloy at elevated temperature
    Lin Lai, Kui Zhang*, Minglong Ma, Xinggang Li, Yongjun Li, Guoliang Shi, Jiawei Yuan
  • Fatigue cracking characterization of high grade non-oriented electrical steels-revised
  • Preparation of Fe3O4-Octadecyltrichlorosilane for removal of methyl orange and methylene blue: Influence of pH and ionic strength on competitive adsorption
    HU Yaoqiang, QUAN Chaoming, GUO Min, YE Xiushen, WU Zhijian
  • Effect of typical elements on the heredity of hot-rolled and annealed texture in non-oriented electrical steel
  • Effect of Chromium micro-alloying on the corrosion behavior of a low-carbon steel rebar in simulated concrete pore solutions
    SONG Dan 宋丹),JIANG Jinyang(蒋金洋), SUN Wei(孙伟),MA Han (麻晗),ZHANG Jianchun (张建春),CHENG Zhaojun (程兆俊),JIANG Jinghua (江静华),AI Zhiyong (艾志勇)
  • The synthesis of lithium garnet oxides of the compositions series Li7-xLa3Zr2-xTaxO12
  • Heteropolyacid (H3PW12O40) Supported MCM-41: An Effective Solid Acid Catalyst for the Dehydration of Glycerol to Acrolein
  • Effects of aggregate size and specimen scale on asphalt mixture cracking using a micromechanical simulation approach
  • Tensile Properties of 3 Dimension-4 directional Braided Cf/SiC Composite based on Double-scale model
  • Structural and regulating characteristics of adjustable annulus-clearance nozzle used in supercritical fluid precipitation
    Yanpeng Qu, Yan Liu,Weiqiang Wang,Aiju Li,Songming Liu
  • Effect of fly ash on the drying shrinkage of thethermal insulation mortar with glazed hollow beads
    范树景 王培铭
    Benmohamed Mohamed , Galai Haykel, Alouani Rabah, Bejaoui Marouene, Ben Haj Amara Abdessalem, Ben Rhaim Hafsia
  • Effect of nano-silica modification on the tensile property of SMA/GF/CF/Epoxy super hybrid woven fabric composites
    Shicheng Zhao1, Wenyan Liang1, *, Zhenqing Wang1, Hongshuai Lei2
  • New way of strengthening and toughening for carbon fiber reinforced polyphenylene sulfide (CF/PPS) composites via matrix modification
    徐英凯 朱姝 张照 余木火 袁象恺
  • Effects of biaxial tensile on the deformation behavior of DP590 high-strength steel sheet under high strain rate
    LEI Yu(雷雨), HUANG Shangyu(黄尚宇),MENG Zhenghua(孟正华),HU Jianhua(胡建华), ZHOU Mengcheng(周梦成)
  • Influence of elevated curing temperature on the properties of cement paste and concrete at the same hydration degree
  • Characterization of yield stress development of cement paste by electrical resistivity
    Mbujje Joel Webster, Wei XiaoSheng, Zhou kongjin
  • Crystallization behavior of polymer derived silicon carbide sintered through microwave heating technique
  • Friction and wear performances of cathodic arc ion plating TiAlSiN coating under oil lubrication condition
    Kong Dejun, Tang Chengjian
  • Low-frequency internal friction behaviour of Zr55Al10Ni5Cu30 metallic glass with different quenching temperatures
    WANG Zhizhi 1※, JIANG Peng 1, WU Wangping1, LI Xiaoyan 1, ZU Fangqu Zu2, and SHUI Jiapeng3
  • Ribbon-like Cu doped V6O13 as cathode material for high-performance lithium ion batteries
  • Enhanced photovoltaic properties for rear passivated crystalline silicon solar cells by fabricating boron doped local back surface field
  • Temperature dependency of dynamic mechanical properties of cement asphalt paste by DMTA method
    元强,潘云瑞,王勇,Kamal Khayat,邓德华
  • Density functional theory study of oxygen atom adsorption on different surfaces of pyrite
  • Effects of functionalized silica nanoparticles on characteristics of nanocomposite sPES cation exchange membranes
    Mahdi Garmsiri, Hamid Reza Mortaheb
  • Research on the characteristics of asphalt mixture in the system of full thickness cold in-place recycling
    WANG Haifeng1*,MA Baoguo
  • Atmospheric corrosion monitoring of field-exposed Q235B and T91 steels in Zhoushan offshore environment using electrochemical probes
  • Preparation of palygorskite-based phase change composites for thermal energy storage and their applications in Trombe walls
  • methacryloxypropyl trimethoxy silane cross-linked PDMS membrane for pervaporation recovery of butanol
  • Preparation and characterization of high infrared emissivity Mn-doped NCO spinel composites
    Jun Zou, ShuRong Dong, Junhua Gao, Hongfu Wang, XuDong Cheng
  • Preparation and Characterization of an Intelligent Multi-target Tracking HA-RGD-CLB-QDs Drug Delivery System
    Fengzheng WU, Haixing XU,Xin LI, Yahui LV, Tian MA, Xiaobing Wang, Zhihua ZHU, Peihu XU
  • Properties of Bamboo Charcoal and Cement-based Composite Materials and Its Microstructure
    WANG Zhongping; JIANG Zhengwu
  • Preparation and Microstructure Analysis of Smelting Waste Non-ferrous Metal Geopolymer
  • A novel formaldehyde sensor based on the hydrogen peroxide /melamine modulated photoluminescence of nitrogen-doped graphene quantum dots
    Zhang Yu, Su Xingguang, Ma Qiang


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