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2018年 33卷 6 期 出版日期:2018-12-05
  • 复合材料
  • Fabrication of High Nano-ZnO Assembled Cotton Fabric With UV Blocking Property(修改)
  • Powder quartz/nano-TiO2 composite: mechanochemical preparation and photocatalytic degradation of formaldehyde
  • Magnetically recoverable PEI/Titanate@Fe3O4 composite photocatalysts: Fabrication and photocatalytic properties
  • A numerical study of densification behavior of silicon carbide matrix composites in isothermal chemical vapor infiltration
  • Corrosion inhibition from thiol self-assembly layer: A high pressure perspective
    Quanqiang Ren, Ainong Li,Ri Qiu,and Likun Xu
  • Effect of current density on microstructure and corrosion behavior of plasma electrolytic oxidation coated 6063 aluminum alloy
  • Preparation of Functionalized Graphene Nano-Platelets and Used for Adsorption of Pb2+ from solution
  • Physical and Mechanical Properties of PP Composites Based on Different Types of Lignocellulosic Fillers
    Selcuk ERDOGAN, Umit HUNER
  • 金属材料
  • Characterization of Stress Concentration by Tangential Component Hp(x) of Metal Magnetic Memory Signals
    BAO Sheng;FU Meili;LOU Huangjie
  • Investigation on a low carbon Ti-V microalloyed Steel with high strength and hole-expanding ratio
    PEI Xinhua, WEI Jiao, LIU Xuefeng, JIA Tao, HU Hengfa, WANG Zhaodong
  • Comparative Study on Oxidation Behavior of Fe-5 wt.% Cr Alloy under Various Mixed Atmospheres at 900-1000℃
    LI Zhifeng,HE Yongquan,CAO Guangming,TANG Junjian,LIU Zhenyu
  • Effect of silver element on microstructure and properties of W–30Cu/TiC composites
    Xiao–Li Chen, Lai–Ma Luo Xiang Zan, Xiao–Yong Zhu, Yu–Cheng Wu
  • Microstructure and properties of graphene oxide-doped TiO2 coating on titanium by micro arc oxidation
  • Isothermal oxidation kinetics of Artificial Magnetite Pellets
    Hanquan Zhang,Jintao Fu,Jian Pan,Feng Zhang,Zhengqi Guo
  • 生物材料
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Carboxyl-terminated Polyethylene Glycol Functionalized Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles
    WANG Yu, WANG Wanxia, GONG Huameng, ZHANG Wenbiao, ZHU Hongda and LIU Mingxing
  • The study of nerve conduit with biocompatibility and electrical stimulation effect.
    Xing-Lei Guo, Hai-Xing Xu, Xin Li, Bing Sun, Wen-Jin Xu ,Fu-Rong Zheng, Xiao-Bin Wang, Zhi-Jun Huang, Jian-Ping Wang and Pei-Hu Xu
  • 无机非金属材料
  • Bipolar resistive switching effect in BiFeO3/Nb:SrTiO3 heterostructure by RF sputtering at room temperature
  • A modulus variation model of mortar under external sulfate attack: new perspective from statistical evolution of microcracks
    Zhang Hao
  • Modification on the Performance of the Hemihydrate Gypsum with the Plant Source Polymer of Dry Matcha Powder
  • Preparation, Characterization and Formation Mechanism of Calcium Sulfate Hemihydrate Whiskers
  • Properties of Steel slag and Stainless steel slag as a cement replacement materials: A comparative study
  • Physical properties and hydration of cementitious materials prepared from vanadium slag and phosphate slag
  • Preparation of rod-like aluminum doped zinc oxide powders by sol-gel technique using metal chlorides and acetylacetone precursors
    J. Keshtkar, J. R. Vargas Garcia, J. A. Galaviz Perez, J. Martinez Trinidadad
  • Effects of CFB Ash on the Adsorption Mechanism of Polycarboxylate Superplasticiser
    刘娟红 高萌 宋少民
  • Thermal wave effect at the initial stage of field assisted sintering technique for non-conductive Al2O3 powders
    Long Zhang, Xiaomin Zhang
  • SPES/PVDF binary membrane as an alternative proton exchange membrane in vanadium redox flow battery application
  • Nanomechanical property measurements of SrTiO3 submicron-fiber
    ZHU Qingfeng;GAO Yuxia; YANG Yang; HUANG Yongli; AN Feng; XIE Shuhong
  • Relation of damage variable and gas permeability coefficient of concrete under stress
  • Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Restrained Early Age Cracking Based on Electrical Resistivity Using Eccentrically Sample
    Maha. A. Abusogi
  • Coexistence of bipolar and unipolar resistive switching behavior in Ag/ZnMn2O4/p+-Si device
    ZHANG Yu-Pei, WANG Hua?, XU Ji-Wen, LI Zhi-da, YANG Ling
  • Electrochemical sensing of heavy metal ions based on monodisperse single-crystal Fe3O4 microspheres
  • 新能源材料
  • Seed free growth of aligned ZnO nanowire arrays on AZO substrate
    Liqing Liu, Guangxia Cao, Kunquan Hong
  • Effects of thickness on the electrical conductivity of sputtered YSZ film with nanocrystalline columnar microstructure
    LIN Zuoliang(林作亮),YANG Qingqing(杨青青),MENG Bin(孟彬)*,ZHU Xinkun(朱心昆),YANG Feng(杨丰), WU Shan(吴闪)
  • The electronic, thermal expand and optical absorption properties of transition metal dichalcogenides: a first-principles study
    Yan-Bin WU, Hui ZHANG
  • Synthesis of PDMS-PS IPN Pervaporation Membrane for Pervaporation Recovery of Butanol
  • 3D Interconnected MoO2 Nanocrystals on Nickel Foam as Binder-Free Anode for Li-Ion Batteries
    QI Yanyuan,ZHENG Shenbo,YANG Xue,ZHOU Bo,ZHOU Yang,JIN Wei
  • Liquefaction of banana pseudo-stem and preparation of polyurethane adhesive from liquefied products
  • 有机材料
  • The synthesis of fluorescent carbon quantum dots and its application in the plant cell imaging


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