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2017年 32卷 2 期 出版日期:2017-04-05
  • The effect of attapulgite added in bath on the properties of Ni/TiC nano-composite coatings
  • Heat Resistant Fluorenone-based Polyimines as Novel Light-emitting Polymers
    Ya Jiao , Lin Zhang , and Runxiong Lin
  • An optical investigation of silver nanoclusters composite soda-lime glass formed by electric field assisted diffusion
    赵君红 林健 张文俊 张硕 赵冠楠 蔡文
  • Electroneutral Quaterisation/Sulfosuccination for Alleviating the Adverse Effect of Paste Ageing on the Properties of Corn Starch Film
  • Influence of the C-S-H amount on [Cl-]/[OH-] ratio of simulated concrete SPS and the corrosion susceptibility of steel
  • Influence of asymmetric monotonic hot rolling on microstructures and mechanical property of microalloyed steel
    LI Jianping,LIU Zhenguang,BAI Xiaolei
  • Enhancement of the hydrogen storage properties of Mg/C nanocomposites prepared by reactive milling with molybdenum
    HAN Zongying, ZHOU Shixue, CHEN Haipeng, NIU Haili, WANG Naifei
  • Pressure effect on elastic and lattice dynamic of beryllium selenide from first principles
    GUO Zhi-Cheng , CAI Ling-Cang
  • Effect of fiber volume fraction on longitudinal tensile properties of SiCf/Ti-6Al-4V composites
  • Evaluation and Selection of Sealants and Fillers Using Principal Component Analysis for Cracks in Asphalt Concrete Pavements
    LI Bo1,LI Yanbo1, MA Weizhong2, HAN Feng1, XU Ouming3
  • Reaction Mechanism and Microstructure Evolution of Reaction Sintered h-BN
    Xiao-ju Gao, Zhi-peng Li , Cong Zhang , Guo-xi Liu, Lai-fei Cheng, Wei-ming Li
  • Diffusion characteristic of sulfate anion in surface region of cement mortar at early stage
  • Comparative Study on the Defects of Kaolinite from America, Brazil and China Applied for Paper Coating: XRD and Refinement by Rietveld
  • Enhanced photoelectric property of Mo-C codoped TiO2 films deposited by RF magnetron cosputtering
  • Structure and electrochemical performances of α-MnO2 doped with tin for supercapacitors
    Yang Li, Huaqing Xie, Jing Li, Jifen Wang
  • Numerical investigation into the effect of air voids on the anisotropy of asphalt mixtures
  • Effect of Sand Content on Strength and Pore Structure of Cement Mortar
  • Head Curvature of Pure Titanium Sheet Influenced by Process Parameters and Controlling in Hot Rolling process
  • Microstructure and growth kinetics of silicide coatings for TiAl alloy
    Huang Lei, Wu Xiangqing, Xie Faqin, Wang Su
  • Nanoindentation characteristics of cement paste and interfacial transition zone in mortar with rice husk ash
  • Water absorption and chloride ion penetrability of concrete damaged by freeze-thawing and loading
    YANG Lin, LIU Cheng, ZHANG Yunsheng, LIANG Fei
  • Effects of internal relaxation under in-plane strain on the structural, electronic and optical properties of perovskite BaZrO3
  • Effect of Salt Spray Corrosion on Tribological Properties of HVOF Sprayed NiCr-Cr3C2 Coating with intermediate layer
    Bai Yang, Xing Lukuo, Li Xiangbo and Li Yan
  • Effect of deposition time on microstructure and growth behavior of ZrC coating prepared by LPCVD with Br2-Zr-C3H6-H2-Ar system
    Xin Ma, Min Mei, Xinbo He, Xuanhui Qu, Haifeng Hu, Si’an Chen, Yong Li
  • Volcanic activity and thermal excitation of rich-silicon iron ore tailing in concrete
  • Analysis of hot rolling routes of AZ31B magnesium alloy and prediction of tensile property of hot-rolled sheets
    XU Haijie, MA Lifeng, JIA Weitao, JIANG Yaping, LIU Pengtao, ZHANG Guohua, LU Haiping, SUN Mingqi
  • Gap-plasmon of Fe3O4@Ag core-shell nanostructures for highly enhanced fluorescence detection of Rodanmine B
    Yunjia Wang; Xihong Zu; Guobin Yi;Hongsheng Luo; Hailiang Huang
  • Mass production of Bi3NbO7 / Bi2Zn2/3Nb4/3O7 composites and the visible light photocatalytic activity
  • Degradation of Formaldehyde and Benzene by TiO2 Photocatalytic Cement Based Materials
    Peng Liu, Xiangwei Yu, Fazhou Wang, Wenqin Zhang, Lu Yang, Yunpeng Liu
  • Numerical simulation of the multicomponent mass transfer during Bridgman growth of CdZnTe crystal using Maxwell-Stefan diffusion model
    介万奇(JIE Wanqi),王涛(WANG Tao),周伯儒(ZHOU Boru),杨帆(YANG Fan)
  • Modification of liquid silicone rubber by Octavinyl-polyhedral oligosilsesquioxanes and silicon sol
    BAI Hongqiang, YI Shengping, HUANG Chi, LIAO Jun, LI Houbin
  • Micro extrusion of ultrafine grained titanium prepared by ECAP
  • Study on the properties and microstructures of full graded concrete containing varied impurity aggregate
  • Fast Mineralization of Densely Packed Hydroxyapatite Layers in the Presence of Over-expressed Recombinant Amelogenin
    WANG Menghu1, XIE Hao2, XIE Jingjing1, PING Hang, TAN Tiening, JI Wei, FU Zhengyi
  • Preliminary Study on Combining K2O-Al2O3-SiO2 System Dental Glass Ceramic to Al2O3 Ceramic
    WU Qiqi, XU Yujing, JIN Fengchao, ZHANG Biao
  • Experimental Design Technique on Removals of Hydrogen Sulfide using CaO-Eggshells Dispersed onto Palm Kernel Shell Activated Carbon: Experiment, Optimization, Equilibrium and Kinetic Studies
    Omar Abed Habeeb, Ramesh Kanthasamy, Gomaa A. M. Ali, Rosli bin Mohd. Yunus
  • Sulfonated Graphene; Anti-wear; Self-repairing; GCr15
    FU Xiuli , WANG Yong , PAN Yongzhi
  • Effect of a Hybrid Micro/Nano-Integrated Titanium Surface on Behavior of Rat Osteoblasts
    Chao-Nan Wang, Yan-Bo Feng, Da-Feng Wang, Yuan-Bo Zheng, Zhong-Liang Su, Jia-Xing Fu


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