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2017年 32卷 3 期 出版日期:2017-06-30
  • Solvothermal synthesis and photocatalytic performance of Bi2S3 hierarchical nanostructure
  • Self-Assembling Peptide as a Candidate Carrier for 5-Fluorouracil
  • Synthesis of N-Alkane Mixture Microcapsule and Its Application in Low-Temperature Protective Fabric
    Chen Xu(陈旭);Wang Rui(王瑞);Li Ting-Ting(李婷婷);Wu Bingyang(吴炳洋);Liu Xing(刘星)
  • The effect of friction reclaimed materials of waste brake-shoe on basic performance of mortar
    王彩辉 彭建 禹化伟 付华 秦国强 孙国文 郭娜
  • Mechanistic studies of atmospheric corrosion behavior of Al and Al-based alloys in a tropical marine environment
  • Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Nb-B bearing Low Carbon Steel Plate: Ultrafast Cooling versus Accelerated Cooling
    董福志,王昭东, R.D.K. Misra,王国栋
  • Highly Improved Electrochemical Performances of the Nanocrystalline and Amorphous Mg2Ni-type Alloys by Substituting Ni with M (M = Cu, Co, Mn)
    ZHANG Yanghuan,YUAN Zeming,YANG Tai,ZHAI Tinging,LIU Zhuocheng,GUO Shihai
  • Tunable electronic and magnetic properties from structure phase transition of layered Vanadium diselenide
    ZHANG Hui(张会), DAI Yumei(戴玉梅), Tong Chuan-Jia(童传佳), HAN Xiao(韩笑)*
  • Effects of CaO and Na2CO3 on the Reduction of High Silicon Iron Ores
  • The investigation of microstructure characteristics in asphalt concrete with different gradations by X-ray CT images
    HU Jing, QIAN Zhendong, LIU Yang, XUE Yongchao
  • Fabrication and properties of Ag/Mg0.2Zn0.8O/La0.67Ca0.33MnO/p+-Si resistive switching heterostructure devices
    WEI Changcheng(韦长成), WANG Hua(王华), XU Jiwen(许积文), ZHANG Yupei(张玉佩), CHEN Qisong(陈齐松)
  • A high strength, ductility and superplasticity Mg-6Zn-1Y-0.6Ce-0.6Zr alloy prepared by rapid solidification and reciprocating extrusion
  • Production of poly-β-hydroxybutyrate by activated sludge in sequencing batch reactor under aerobic conditions
    LI Xiaoyan,JIN Zijing,QIAN Yongyu,CUI Daizong,CHEN Xiguang,ZHAO Min
  • Mineralogical Characterization of a Polymetallic Sulfide Ore to Improve Silver Recovery
  • Effects of aging temperature on microstructure and high cycle fatigue performance of 7075 aluminum alloy
    YANG Dalian, LIU Yilun, LI Songbai, MA Liyong, LIU Chi, YI Jiuhuo
  • Research of ultrasonic pulse signal resonance features in layered CFRP within voids
    YANG Chenlong; CHEN Yuechao; ZHENG Huifeng
  • Comparative Study on Constitutive Models to Predict Flow Stress of Fe-Cr-Ni Preform Reinforced Al-Si-Cu-Ni-Mg Composite
  • YIG Thin Film for RF Integrated Inductor
  • Solvothermal synthesis and electrochemical properties of octahedral cobalt oxide decorated with Ag2O
    Yang Li?, Ping Ren, Wenjian Wu, Changzhao Chen, Mingzai Wu
  • Properties of Al/conductive coating/α-PbO2-CeO2-TiO2/β-PbO2-WC-ZrO2 composite anode for zinc electrowinning
  • Correlative mechanism of hydraulic-mechanical property in cemented paste backfill
  • 原件编号:2014-00703.
  • Preparation of A Novel Hybrid Type Photosensitive Resin for Stereolithography in 3D Printing and Testing on Its Accuracy of the Fabricated Parts
    HUANG Bi-wu, YONG Tao , HAN Wen-juan , CHEN Wei-qing
  • Effect of natural zeolite on performance of sulfoaluminate cement-based planting cementitous material
    李来波 宫晨琛 王守德 芦令超 程新
  • Finite element analysis and experiment on viscous warm pressure bulging of AZ31B magnesium alloy
    Gao Tiejun, Zhang Wenzhuo, Xu Menglong, Wang Zhongjin
  • Design optimization of composite laminate stacking sequence using a Multi-Island Genetic Algorithms under low-velocity impact loads
    Hongxiao Wang, Yugang Duan, Dilimulati Abulizi1
  • Wear Behavior of In-sutu TiC Particles Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composite
    CHEN Xiao,SUI Yanwei,WANG Rui,QI Jiqiu,HE Yezeng,MENG Qingkun,WEI Fuxiang,SUN Zhi
  • Effect of Electric Current on Diffusion of Aluminum of Ti3AlC2 into Zirconium Alloy
    LU Bo, YANG Xianjin, ZHOU Jie, JING Lei, SHEN Lu, ZHOU Xiaobing, DU Shiyu,HUANG Qing
  • Effect of ultrasonication on the properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes/ hollow glass microspheres/epoxy syntactic foam
    YA Bin, ZHOU Bingwen, YIN Shijian, HUANG Bingkun, PEI Leizhen, JIA Fei, ZHANG Xingguo
  • Numerical predictions of the effective thermal conductivity of the rigid polyurethane foam
    Wen-Zhen Fang, Quan-Xin Nian, Hu Zhang, Wen-Quan Tao
  • Study on the Reaction Processes of the Titanium Matrix Composites Fabricated from Ti-Al-B2O3 System
    CUI Tao
  • The nature of the pull-out system of carbon nanorope/ polyethylene composite and twisting effect on interfacial behavior
    LU yubin, YANG qingsheng
  • Influence of rare earth (Ce and La) addition on the performance of Al-3.0wt.%Mg alloy
  • Comparative study of tensile and charpy impact properties of X70 and X80 linepipe steels after ultra fast cooling processing
  • Mineralogy and Thermal Analysis of Natural Pozzolana Opal Shale with Nano-pore
  • Hydration products of cement-silica fume-quartz powder mixture under different curing regimes
  • Photocatalytic Activity of Porous Magnesium Oxychloride Cement Combined with AC/TiO2 Composites
    FENG Chuanfa, WANG Fazhou(王发洲), LIU Peng, SUN Guoxin, YANG Lu, ZHANG Wenqin, SHU Chang


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